“Typhon was described in pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheke, as one of the largest and most fearsome of all creatures. His human upper half reached as high as the stars. His hands reached east and west and had a hundred dragon heads on each. His bottom half was gigantic viper coils that could reach the top of his head when stretched out and made a hissing noise. His whole body was covered in wings, and fire flashed from his eyes.”

One of the thirteen original Titans, Typhon ascended to godhood after achieving victory against his brethren in an eons-spanning conflict. Each of the master Titans birthed their own terrible beings and races with which to wage war upon one another. Typhon’s creations were the most horrifying – awful beasts defying natural order and description. One by one he felled his siblings and consumed their corpses, gaining ever more power with each feast.

For ages Typhon’s titans ruled the earth, until the coming of the dragons, and of Leviathan. The god of the metallic dragons, Bahamut, bested him in combat and imprisoned his ruined body within the moon. Leviathan calmed the earth, bringing peace to its surface and soothing the titanic fury of a great many of it’s creatures, changing their forms from their twisted former selves into the shapes seen today.

But Leviathan is long since dead, and Bahamut’s eyes are kept busy by the constant surging wrath of Tiamat. The Cult of Typhon has grown within the core of the mortal races. The dark taint of the old world is seeping back into the planets creatures, and, indeed, to its very core as Yggdrasil grows ever more vindictive, lashing out with greater zeal and rage each passing year.

Typhon has broken free from his prison, blasting the moon apart. It’s debris hangs above and rains down in great meteor showers. Typhon’s whereabouts are unknown. He seeks to awaken the trapped and destroyed bodies of his generals and grant power to the few of his children that remain. He is weak, but the Cult is nurturing his strength, aiding him in return for horrifying new bodies. They are slowly losing their humanity, being twisted into another one of his dark races.

With these followers Typhon seeks to remake his old world, but they are not his only weapon. Some of his creations yet walk the earth. Of these, the Aboleths and Beholders are the ones that maintain the most of their former minds and bodies. The last of the Tarrasque still wanders the earth, though as a nearly mindless beast. Many other of the world’s monsters are ancestors of Typhon’s warriors, though they do not know it. They bear but a resemblance to their former selves, as time spent away from Typhon’s presence has diminished them. Once he is able, Typhon will undoubtedly begin to experiment in awakening the titanic potential locked within these creatures.


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