The Order of Leviathan

Tracking Petronius

After being inducted into the Order Of Leviathan the party was given its first mission by its Legatus Arcturus Leto One of the Order’s Knights Petronius Varius had gone missing whilst on assignment in Torvald. The party made its way to the town, after being waylaid by a group of cannibals, believed to be followers of Charybdis. Once there they learned that Petronius had gone with the Captain of The Guard Lawerence Carver to investigate a meteorite strike. Tracking their path into the forest they discovered a recently unearthed shrine being investigated by Spawn of Tiamat. After dispatching these foes they discovered the body of Petronius and confronted Captain Carver, who revealed his monstrous form and attacked when pressed.

The party discovered a clutch of mysterious eggs at this location. Aein Belwhether retrieved one for study.



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