The Order of Leviathan

Ship Rescue

On their way back from Torvald, the party heard a distant explosion. Upon arriving at Leviathan they were informed by Arcturus Leto that this was a volcanic event on the nearby island of Triton. This disturbance had caused a ship to alter course and become trapped in the rocks and reefs surrounding the area, and the party was sent to provide aid.

They shipped out, and saw some seals. After reaching the location they found the crew had been greatly reduced by a vicious Sahaugin attack. Approaching the ship was made difficult due to the pair of sharks patrolling the waters. Once rescued, the few remaining on the ship told the party that a large group had been taken away. The dead bodies of the pair of Sahuagin still on the ship yielded necklaces bearing the symbol of Scylla.

The party located the lair in a cavern hidden by the waters and cleared out the Sahuagin inside. The remaining crew were within and they were all rescued safely except for one, who fell victim to friendly fire from an exploding bolt.



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