The Order of Leviathan

Kython And Cults

On the way back from the Sahaugin lair the party stopped on Triton to pick up a wounded Cabal whose ship had been destroyed. They met Octavius Callias who related to them the story of their attack. Their Cabal had been investigating the volcanic event, and noticed a strange light coming from somewhere further up the rocky terrain. Going to investigate, they were ambushed by a group of Aboleth, who overwhelmed them and forced them to retreat. The Aboleth sent Skum after them to keep them busy and used the chance to extract the source of the lights, a large pulsating piece of flesh, from the island. One of their mages then sank their ship. Several of their Cabal were killed in the attack.

A few days after arriving back at Leviathan, Arcturus Leto informed the party that a group sent to Tovald had uncovered evidence linking correspondence recovered from the home of Lawerence Carver to the southern city of Amberdale. He sent the party out to unearth any possible links to the cult of Typhon that may be lurking in the city.

During the journey, the party crossed upon signs of battle at a local farmhouse. Upon investigation, they discovered the inhabitants slain. A clutch of eggs was discovered in the barn. All around the property were clearly inhuman tracks. Following these tracks lead to a horse farm, where the party did battle with a group of Kython.

After reaching Amberdale, the party spent the night in The Broken Thorn, and met its lovely half-orc owner. The next day they went out to gather information regarding Captain Carver. They spoke first with Upton Cornell, who helped point them towards the library where they met Platon Festus. After requesting to view what Carver had been researching, Festus eventually brought back a stack of scattered, unrelated texts. Once the party determined this to not be valuable they noticed that he had gone missing. They searched the library and used Detect Magic to locate an Arcane Lock spell guarding a secret door. (The disadvantage of such a maneuver I suppose.)

After Aein Belwhether gained entry using a Knock scroll, they descended down and discovered a secret lab, though not before Garet Stonegate took a slight singeing at the hands of a weak fire trap. In the lab they discovered a statue of Typhon, a number of alchemical concoctions, and an intriguing dark tome.



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