The Order of Leviathan

The Death Of Festus

The party left the libraries secret chambers and asked around town to try to track where Platon Festus had gone. They learned that he had been seen gathering up some locals and heading out to the northwest. Also during this time, Floriane Dell observed an incoming storm front. The imminent snows heightened the need for haste in tracking their quarry. Doctor Belwhether began reading a mysterious tome he had recovered from the lab. The knowledge contained within deeply unsettled him, but he felt compelled to continue and uncover all its secrets.

While following the path Festus and his companions had left on, the party encountered them on the return. They claimed the had been called to provide assistance reinforcing the defensive measures taken to protect the town from the Kython, and gave details on the location of these outposts. Upon investigation, the guards stationed there had not been in contact with the librarian. Two of the party followed the group back to the library, where they waited for them to emerge from the secret chambers beneath. When they were unable, with the assistance of one of the lookouts, to locate the tracks of Festus’s group, the remaining party went back to rendezvous at the inn. By this time snow had begun to fall fairly heavily, and visibility was extremely poor.

When the conspirators failed to emerge before the scheduled meeting time, [Geoffery] left [Jeremy] behind to tell the others what the situation was. While he was doing so, they emerged and left together. [Jeremy] attempted to follow them, but was detected, and they split up. He followed Festus back to his house. The rest of the party inferred what had happened based on the tracks and met up with him. They stormed the house, but by then he was gone, slipping out unnoticed using an invisibility potion. The heavy snows made his movements easy to follow, however, and he was tracked to another part of town where he had rejoined his companions.

After attacking the house from both stories, a vicious battle broke out between the party, Festus, and his three companions. Festus revealed himself to have a grotesque mutation: his legs had split themselves apart into a vast mass of adhesive tentacles, granting him the ability to crawl along the walls of the dwelling. [Tina] was slain in the battle; after being knocked unconscious by one of Festus’s warriors she was caught in a the path of a deadly lightning spell unleashed by the powerful wizard. Shaken to the core by this event, Garet Stonegate went into a frenzy, and felled the dark mage with a single overwhelming blow. Aein acquired an valuable treasure, Festus’s spellbook.

The party returned to Festus’s home to try to find clues explaining the Cult Of Typhon’s actions. His journal painted a mysterious, disturbing picture. Mostly garbled rubbish, only some entries could be interpreted to any useful extent, and read as follows:

“We’ve found the Maw. I think I can extract it.”

“Excavation nearly complete. How to sustain?”

“Everyone is so unaware. How could they know? I’ve learned so much.”

“I can feel it prying, searching. It is becoming mentally exhausting, I cant focus here. Havent sleep.”

“Went back today. No wildlife anymore. I think they know whats down there. Though how couldn’t they? You can feel its thoughts upon your flesh.”

“My eyes have been pried open, and my mind has been forced into a wider frame. Fractures have grown across its surface. I find myself unsure of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. But I cant stop now. I am so close to understanding.”

“I’ve stabilized it! The chamber is complete. With enough fuel it will be sustained indefinitely now! Collection begins in the morning.”

“The Heart has emerged. The others have collected it. They will be joined soon.”

“They’ve found us. I’ve sent a message to the others. They will retrieve the Maw, whether I am alive or not. Theres no way to stop it now.”

The party took the night’s rest.

Belwhether used magical aid to finish studying the knowledge from the tome. He could feel his mind starting, ever so slightly, to break under the weight of such dark knowledge. Little did he care, however.

[Geoffery,] being an elf, needed little rest, and used the remainder of his time to track and befriend a wild horse.

Florian Dell distributed offerings to the local temple of Gulshin, and in reward, was divinely granted a finely crafted scythe, the favored weapon of her deity.

Garet informed Upton Cornell of the situation, and advised him to keep extra vigilance.

Message was sent by way of magic back to Arcturus Leto describing the situation and events. Response promised reinforcement within 2 days, and urged extreme caution in dealing with these unknowns.

Judging the situation to be grave enough to not be able to take the luxury of having a full force, the party sent out to try to find where Festus’s team had gone the past night, and attempt to find this Maw. They past the guard post, and offered them the same message of warning given to Cornell. They, in return, urged them to be careful, as their path takes them straight through areas currently held by the Kython.

While following the path, a strong Kython force attacked. The ensuing battle was extremely brutal, as the Kython proved to be very deadly foes indeed. A note of distinction goes to [Jeremy’s] steed, who delivered the final blow on one of the heavily armored creatures, trampling it to a pulp under its hooves. No one was killed, but severe injuries were sustained, including two instances of a strength draining poison. Assessing their current strength, the party decided to merely see if they could locate any sign of the excavation spoken of in the journal and then return to Amberdale to recover.

As they grew closer to the hills, they could feel the gnawing presence of some nearby horror. A sense of profound unease fell over them as this dark power radiated outward from a unknown source. Upon locating (from afar), a cave entrance that seemed the most likely target, they left the area to return to town.

Kython And Cults

On the way back from the Sahaugin lair the party stopped on Triton to pick up a wounded Cabal whose ship had been destroyed. They met Octavius Callias who related to them the story of their attack. Their Cabal had been investigating the volcanic event, and noticed a strange light coming from somewhere further up the rocky terrain. Going to investigate, they were ambushed by a group of Aboleth, who overwhelmed them and forced them to retreat. The Aboleth sent Skum after them to keep them busy and used the chance to extract the source of the lights, a large pulsating piece of flesh, from the island. One of their mages then sank their ship. Several of their Cabal were killed in the attack.

A few days after arriving back at Leviathan, Arcturus Leto informed the party that a group sent to Tovald had uncovered evidence linking correspondence recovered from the home of Lawerence Carver to the southern city of Amberdale. He sent the party out to unearth any possible links to the cult of Typhon that may be lurking in the city.

During the journey, the party crossed upon signs of battle at a local farmhouse. Upon investigation, they discovered the inhabitants slain. A clutch of eggs was discovered in the barn. All around the property were clearly inhuman tracks. Following these tracks lead to a horse farm, where the party did battle with a group of Kython.

After reaching Amberdale, the party spent the night in The Broken Thorn, and met its lovely half-orc owner. The next day they went out to gather information regarding Captain Carver. They spoke first with Upton Cornell, who helped point them towards the library where they met Platon Festus. After requesting to view what Carver had been researching, Festus eventually brought back a stack of scattered, unrelated texts. Once the party determined this to not be valuable they noticed that he had gone missing. They searched the library and used Detect Magic to locate an Arcane Lock spell guarding a secret door. (The disadvantage of such a maneuver I suppose.)

After Aein Belwhether gained entry using a Knock scroll, they descended down and discovered a secret lab, though not before Garet Stonegate took a slight singeing at the hands of a weak fire trap. In the lab they discovered a statue of Typhon, a number of alchemical concoctions, and an intriguing dark tome.

Ship Rescue

On their way back from Torvald, the party heard a distant explosion. Upon arriving at Leviathan they were informed by Arcturus Leto that this was a volcanic event on the nearby island of Triton. This disturbance had caused a ship to alter course and become trapped in the rocks and reefs surrounding the area, and the party was sent to provide aid.

They shipped out, and saw some seals. After reaching the location they found the crew had been greatly reduced by a vicious Sahaugin attack. Approaching the ship was made difficult due to the pair of sharks patrolling the waters. Once rescued, the few remaining on the ship told the party that a large group had been taken away. The dead bodies of the pair of Sahuagin still on the ship yielded necklaces bearing the symbol of Scylla.

The party located the lair in a cavern hidden by the waters and cleared out the Sahuagin inside. The remaining crew were within and they were all rescued safely except for one, who fell victim to friendly fire from an exploding bolt.

Tracking Petronius

After being inducted into the Order Of Leviathan the party was given its first mission by its Legatus Arcturus Leto One of the Order’s Knights Petronius Varius had gone missing whilst on assignment in Torvald. The party made its way to the town, after being waylaid by a group of cannibals, believed to be followers of Charybdis. Once there they learned that Petronius had gone with the Captain of The Guard Lawerence Carver to investigate a meteorite strike. Tracking their path into the forest they discovered a recently unearthed shrine being investigated by Spawn of Tiamat. After dispatching these foes they discovered the body of Petronius and confronted Captain Carver, who revealed his monstrous form and attacked when pressed.

The party discovered a clutch of mysterious eggs at this location. Aein Belwhether retrieved one for study.


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