Garet Stonegate

Direct descendant of an Order of Leviathan Templar, he has made it his life goal to succeed where his ancestor did not in the defense of the Order.


Fighter 2/Knight 1

<u>Str</u> <u>Dex</u> <u>Con</u> <u>Int</u> <u>Wis</u> <u>Cha</u> 17 14 14 9 14 15

Max HP: 33 Initiative:+2

BAB:+3 Melee:+6 Ranged:+5 Fort:+5 Ref:+2 Will:+4 AC:22 Touch:17 Flat:20

<u>Racial Traits/Class Features</u> Human: Extra Feat, Extra Skill points Fighter: Bonus Feats x2 Knight: Knight’s Code, Knight’s Challenge, Fighting Challenge +1

<u>Feats</u> Shieldmate Shield Specialization(Tower) Weapon Focus (Glaive) Shield Ward True Believer

<u>Skills</u> Handle Animal: 2(4) Knowledge(Religion): 3(2) Ride: 4(6)

<u>Equipment</u> Glaive Lance Trident Warhammer Breastplate Tower Shield Heavy Warhorse w/Studded Leather Barding [Warren] Military Saddle Mule [Flik] Pack Saddle Portable Ram 10 ft. Ladder 10 ft. Pole 100 ft. Silk Rope Signet Ring Shovel Tent Holy Water x2 Magic Weapon Oil x2 Javelin x3 Cure Light Wounds x2

<u>Money</u> 0 Platinum 200 Gold 6 Silver 6 Copper


Garet Stonegate

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