Doctor Aein Belwhether the Opaque

A studius Illumian dedicated to figuring out everything.


Warmage 2/Transmuter 1

Stats Mod

Str 8 -1

Dex 14 +2

Con 15 +2

Int 17 +3

Wis 12 +1

Combat stuff

AC 17 (w/ mage armor) Flatfooted 15 Touch 12

BAB +1 Grapple +0

Saves Fort 4 Ref 2 Will 5


Scribe Scroll, Combat Casting, Weapon Focus: Ranged Touch

Racial Traits/Class Features

Weird Reactions to Glyphs: if above level-minus on save, if below-immune

Symbols: Krau- +2 on caster level up to total level. Naen- +2 on int related skills. NaenKrau-can leave up to 2 spell slots unfilled for +1DC to all spells of that level

Light from the siguls. Can be suppressed with conc. check, but lose abilities

Final Utterance

+2 v shadow spells

Warmage’s Edge +int mod to all spell damage

Armored Mage: Light (for warmage spells only)


Doctor Aein Belwhether the Opaque

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